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Your smile is your signature. It tells the world who you are. At Uptown Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, our doctors are specialists experienced in cosmetic and implant dentistry.  Our specialists are nationally recognized by their peers as leaders in creating beautiful smiles. We pride ourselves on our ties to the community and our passion to provide the best elective treatment for your smile. At Uptown, we are focused on the needs of each patient. We customize a treatment plan specifically for you. We provide you the finest dental treatment with the most personalized and compassionate care. Every detail of your appointment is carefully planned and orchestrated so that you experience a calm, non-threatening environment. Your visit includes a meeting with a financial counselor who will go over our doctor’s treatment plan and help make that smile you’ve always wanted affordable for you. It’s a Unique Experience. The Uptown Experience.

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3D CAT Scans

No one would consider getting knee or hip replacement surgery without an MRI or a CT scan. Similarly, we use 3D digital CT Scan technology to treat every dental implant case. This technology is normally found in hospitals but very rarely in a dental office. The 3D CT Scan process allows our doctors to better examine bone density and determine the correct treatment approach for each patient. The scan provides a detailed 3D image of the mouth and jaw that is much more detailed than traditional dental x-rays, and provides much better information for a higher standard of care.

Advantages of 3D CT Scans: