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Top 3 Reasons Why Dr. Velasco is Houston’s number one dentist in 77027

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We know that in the world of cosmetic dentistry, Houston has a very large market and your choices are plentiful. When it comes to choosing the right prosthodontist  and dentistry practice, there are many factors that will affect your decision on who you trust with something as important as your smile.  We are confident that Dr. Roberto Velasco of Uptown Cosmetic Dentistry will be your top choice in the area. Backed by a well vetted and talented team of professionals and top notch support staff, Dr. Velasco’s Uptown Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry is second to none. Give us just 3 minutes and we will give you three reasons why Dr. Velasco is the best choice for your smile.

He’s The #1 Dentist In Houston For All-On-4® Teeth In-A-Day Procedure

Dental implants account for a majority of the procedures performed in the cosmetic dentistry industry. There are many different products and procedures used to garner a perfect smile but one method that stands out as the gold standard is the patented All-On-4®/Teeth-In-A-Day by Nobel Biocare. Dr. Velasco went straight to the source in Europe to train in this procedure. Since moving to Houston in 2010, he has performed successfully, over 1,500 All-On-4® procedures; changing the lives of many patients in the process. Not only has Dr. Velasco performed many cosmetic dental implants, but he has also served as course director of implant dentistry for a top Prosthodontics school in Florida. Your smile is in an artist’s hands when you visit Uptown Cosmetic Dentistry.

He Has His Own High-Tech Dental Lab ON SITE.

The biggest delay in cosmetic dentistry practices is that dental implants, bridges and other dental apparatus have to be sent off-site to a dental lab. This can sometimes take weeks and can delay the creation of your perfect smile. Dr. Velasco had the foresight to eliminate that bottleneck and installed a full-service dental lab on site. This cuts down the wait time for dental implants and allows us to service  patients efficiently. For cosmetic dentistry, this is an extremely important factor and our lab has state of the art features that get you’re the perfect implant, perfect color, and perfect shape every time. Dr. Velasco pioneered this project and took it even further by adding the advanced option of Zirconium implants. Zirconium is the strongest material available for dental implants and looks the most similar to natural teeth and. Dr. Velasco has the only on-site Zirconia lab in Houston.  When you come to Uptown, we literally control the entire process from design to implementation of all your dental implant needs. How many other practices in Houston can make that claim?

He Goes Above And Beyond With 3D CAT Scans

You have certainly heard the term CAT scan if you have ever been to a hospital or imaging facility. CAT scans are commonplace in health facilities like that, but almost never heard of in a dental office! Dr. Velasco wanted to make sure he is giving each patient the absolute best treatment available, and creating dental implants that truly fit their unique makeup. These 3D CAT scans give us the ability to see bone density via a 3D image of the teeth and mouth, vs. the limited perspective of old school x-rays. Dr. Velasco literally is a true visionary in the cosmetic dentistry field.

We honestly, could go on and on about why Dr. Velasco should be your number one choice for dental implants and all your dentistry needs but schedule a consultation and come see for yourself.

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