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Use Your Dental Benefits, Before You Lose Them.

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As we race to the finish of 2017 and we will be ringing in 2018 before you know it. With a new year also comes a new calendar year for dental benefits as well as they reset on January 1st. Many people don’t realize that if you don’t use all of your dental benefits, they don’t roll over, you just lose them. That could be thousands of dollars in coverage you’d be losing out on. Before it’s too late you should consider getting any dental procedures you’ve been mulling over that are covered by your dental plan. Dental checkups or even more complex procedures like wisdom teeth extraction could all be covered by this year’s benefits; so why wait?

Uptown Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry is here to help with all of your dental needs in a state of the art facility.  They provide all dental services; everything from basic dentistry, cosmetic teeth whitening, and even specialized procedures such as veneers. There is no reason to waste those valuable coverages you’ve paid for, even if you just get a basic checkup and debridement, it’s better to use those benefits rather than waste them.

Smiles By Uptown?

Founded by highly credited prosthodontist, Dr. Roberto Velasco; Uptown Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry is passionate about helping people achieve confidence in their smile. By using state of the art procedural technology like All-On-Four Teeth-In-A-Day; a patient’s smile can be made whole by restoring missing or teeth that are failing. Dr. Velasco is in the business of transforming people’s lives using the best tools and procedures available to give a superior result. Using innovative solution such as Digital tooth design, Uptown is able to transform most patients smile in merely one day. All that a patient needs is to have adequate bone health and be overall healthy in general. These high tech innovations have cut patient downtime to a minimal amount after a few follow up visits.

Now, you may just be needing something simple or just have a minor problem, but an otherwise healthy set of teeth. Many of Dr. Velacso’s patients are just interested in something as simple as porcelain veneers. Veneers are extremely thin laminates of porcelain that are affixes to the surface of your teeth. If you have discolored teeth or spacing and alignment issue, then veneers may an excellent choice for you.

Why Uptown?

There is obviously no shortage of dental practices in the Houston area but what sets Uptown apart is their commitment to the right technology, right now. Dr. Velasco has made it clear that his vision for Uptown is to be the most efficient and advanced dental practice in Texas. His ambition is evident in their facilities.

State Of The Art Lab Onsite:

One of the frustrations of getting crowns, partials or dental implants, is these have to be created off site by some laboratory. Dr. Velasco wanted to cut out that extra wait and also maintain a control on the quality of the implants and dental appliances he uses. By housing a high-tech dental lab onsite with seasoned lab technicians; Uptown is able to custom design your implants or other devices and have it down much faster than most practices. Dr. Velasco even has a Zirconia lab to create the absolute state of the art implants. This helps patients as the dentist can ensure the right shade of veneers or implants right there in office.

Zirconia Implants:

In keeping with his push for the most advanced techniques and products, Dr. Velasco has also added Zirconia, to their many lab offerings. Uptown is one of the only dental implant practices in Houston with the ability to create Zirconia implants in their very own lab. Zirconia is very dense and looks identical to natural teeth. This extremely strong material offers a long term durable solution that remains secure in your mouth. Zirconia doesn’t stain and continues to look amazing years later without the danger of breaking.

Join The Uptown Family And See The Difference

If you have been searching for a dental practice you can trust, look no further. Uptown prides itself on treating patients as family not customers, your smile is as important to them as it is to you and you will feel that attitude the moment you walk in the door. Feel better about your smile now; the end of the year is when people come in at the last minute to get their yearly procedures done. Uptown accepts most insurance plans such as PPO and also Flex Spending benefits. At Uptown consultations cost you nothing and even come with a free CT scan of your mouth and a detailed plan of action for treatment so you come out hundreds of dollars ahead from the get go.

For more information visit or call to schedule an appointment 713-766-1493.

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