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Commonly Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening (Pt. 1)

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Everyone these days is trying to get that perfect smile. We know as we are in the business of creating smiles. From porcelain veneers to cover misaligned teeth to dental implants to replace missing ones, every option is on the table when it comes to chasing that perfect smile. Many, however, completely forget about the simple appeal of a bright white smile. In this two-part blog, we cover some of the most frequently asked questions that we get about teeth whitening. We hope this will help you decide if it is a procedure for you. Don’t forget to come back next time for Part Two!

I don’t like the color of my teeth. How do I know whitening teeth is the right solution for me?

First, you must determine what is causing the discoloration of your teeth.  If it is something that teeth whitening will not fix, then this solution may not be for you. You might want veneers to cover the discolored teeth.  We determine the cause with a basic examination and dental x-rays and then go from there. If whitening is an option, the best shade to go for is something that matches the whites of your eyes. Anything brighter will look fake, and anything duller defeats the purpose.

Is there any reason to delay whitening teeth?

Once we perform the pre-whitening exam, we may find that there is a need for a filling or other procedure before whitening or even in place of it. There are several causes for discoloration of teeth such as abscessed teeth, tooth decay, root canal issue and more. Bleaching will mask this discoloration, but it won’t correct it. You must also consider some aesthetic issues as well. One such issue is how much of your teeth vs. how much of your gums show when you smile. If you have short teeth and a long gumline, teeth whitening may not be the best solution. It will highlight the gummy smile and make it look out of balance. In this case and others where bleaching won’t help, you’ll want to explore the other cosmetic options we have.

Can whitening teeth cause damage?

There is a large amount of research that has found that low amounts of peroxide are safe to use as intended for teeth whitening. It should also be noted, though, that tooth sensitivity is a common possible side effect from bleaching. If a solution that is more acidic is used, it can etch the enamel from the teeth and should not be used. You should always go to an experienced dental facility such as Uptown Dental. Also, it is recommended to wait at least two weeks after a teeth whitening procedure before having teeth cleaned.

How Do I Start The Process?

If you are ready to see if a teeth whitening procedure is for you, simply contact Uptown Dental for a consultation today. We will develop a plan of action that is a perfect fit for your smile.

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