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3 Tips For A Steve Harvey Smile Through Cosmetic Dentistry

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If you’ve ever watched Family Feud, you’ve seen the energy that host Steve Harvey gives off. Maybe it’s because of that huge toothy smile he has. Sure, Steve wasn’t born with that perfect smile but it sure does affect his persona. Our smile is a very important element to the first impression we make. We aren’t always born with a great smile but that doesn’t mean we can’t attain one through our Houston dental implant specialists and other services. Take some cues from Steve Harvey and what he did to get that million dollar smile. Through the magic of cosmetic dentistry Houston TX professionals at Uptown, we can get you that smile you desire with three “Steve Harvey Smile” secrets.

Tooth Whitening

One of the things that bother most of our clients that come inis yellowed teeth and/or stained teeth. Stains may be embarrassing but you’d be surprised to know they are quite common. Our teeth are somewhat porous and therefore can absorb the color of foods and drinks such as coffee or wine.  You could go out and get one of many DIY whitening kits at home but the cosmetic dentistryf TX professionals at Uptown can really get in and remove tough stains not treatable with over the counter products.  Uptown offers state of the art teeth whitening in a comfortable setting and we will have your smile shiny and white in no time.

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Porcelain Veneers

So you want a white and shiny smile but you have gaps in your teeth or a chipped tooth and whitening just highlights that even more? No worries, there is a solution. Porcelain veneers are a great way to literally mask your gaps, chips, and other imperfections behind a dental façade so to speak. A veneer is simply a thin sheet of porcelain molded to your mouth that gives you a perfect smile. It is bonded to the front of each tooth so it feels natural when talking and eating. It can not only change your tooth shape but also the color to a bright white as well. This is a great dual-purpose solution as it hides stains and corrects tooth appearance all in one application. Our cosmetic dentistry Houston TX professionals at Uptown are veneer artists well respected for their work throughout the Houston area.

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Dental Implants

Had a fight with the concrete and the concrete won and took a tooth or two with it? Or maybe you have suffered tooth disease and have lost some teeth. Either way missing a tooth or several can have a severe impact on one’s self-image.  Our Houston dental implant specialists have the solution as implants can easily replace missing teeth in both form and function. Dental implants are far more secure than dentures and restore your quality of life.

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The number one answer for a perfect smile is the cosmetic dentistry Houston TX specialists at Uptown. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get your confidence back with a new smile from Uptown Cosmetic Dentistry.

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