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Can Any Dentist Do Cosmetic Dentistry?

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So you’ve decided that you want to get some cosmetic work done on your teeth, but which dentist should you choose? The truth is that a lot of dentists out there will not be able to give you the beautiful smile you are looking for. The reason why? There is a lack of guidelines governing who can call themselves a cosmetic dentist. Any dentist who has completed dental school can claim to be a cosmetic dentist without any further training. Yes, they may be able to perform a dental implant or two, but they won’t be able to give you a natural looking, celebrity-like smile. In fact, a good percentage of trained cosmetic dentists’ work comes from correcting the mistakes of their inexperienced colleagues.

It’s perfectly okay to visit a general dentist for things like cavities, gum disease, and routine cleaning. On the other hand, if you are dealing with severely misaligned teeth, missing teeth, or simply want to take your smile to the next level, you’ll want to see a cosmetic dentist. So what’s the difference? General dentists focus more on the functionality and health of your teeth. If your teeth are in working order, the job is done. Cosmetic dentists go one step further. They consider the following: Do the teeth function? Do the teeth look great? (Because good is not enough). Is the patient more than satisfied with their teeth?

Cosmetic dentists are artists. When a painter creates a masterpiece, he or she takes into consideration such things as composition and contrast. They use shapes, lines, colors, spacing, and perception of depth to create something that is appealing to the eye. Cosmetic dentists do the same for your smile. Natural teeth are not the same color throughout. Furthermore, natural teeth both reflect and allow light to pass through. Only a cosmetic dentist who has experience in how the different crown materials, tints, and opaquers can be combined to create truly natural looking teeth will be able to give you what you want.

It’s not necessarily easy for consumers to sort through which dentists are qualified to perform high-quality cosmetic dentistry. A good place to start is the “About” or “Staff” sections located on many dentists’ websites. The information found there may clue you in on the additional education, specialization, and experience of the dentist in question. Next, check their online reviews on sites like Google or Yelp. It’s imperative to pick the right dentist the first time, so you don’t end up having to pay for corrective work.

If you are in Houston, Uptown Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry’s own Dr. Roberto Velasco has received extensive training and education in cosmetic dentistry and has performed thousands of successful cosmetic dental procedures. Give us a call so we can talk about which options are best for you.

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