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5 Tips for A Great Smile

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In the age of the smartphones, selfies, and Instagram, it is now more beneficial than ever to have a great, camera-friendly smile. You don’t have to be celebrity either to have a good-looking smile. Getting a great smile is as simple as following a few basic tips.

Tip #1: Act Naturally

Have you seen that “deer in headlights look” in selfies? Everyone can tell when a smile is forced or fake. Take a moment to make your smile more natural. One method is to say something funny as you are taking the photo, which can result in an involuntary smile. Another method is to just be gentle when it is time to snap the picture, giving a slight, subtle smile. Your face will look relaxed, and your smile will look much more organic. This way your mouth opens just a bit and your lower lip lines up with the curvature of your upper teeth.

Tip #2: Watch Your Posture

Everyone is conscious of the neck area when taking pictures or smiling. If you aren’t getting the results you, check your posture. The more you slouch or bend your head downward, the more less-than stellar pictures you will get. Stand straight up, shoulders slightly back and relaxed. Also, don’t square your face up on the camera. Look at it at an angle and just drop your chin slightly. This gives a more flattering semi-profile shot.

Tip #3: Ladies, Lipstick Is Your Best Friend

Lipstick can also be your worst enemy. Make sure to choose a color that complements your skin tone.  Flattering reds like cherry, wine, plum or wild berry will be a safe bet. If your teeth aren’t exactly as white as can be, go with blue or pink-based undertones to hide those stains. If you go too dark, it will make your smile garish and loud. Subtlety is everything and the right color can make your teeth appear whiter and more radiant.

Shades of cherry red, wine, berry, plum, or rosy pink are your best bets. Blue-based or pink-based undertones will help hide yellow stains.

The wrong color, especially one that’s too dark or too red, can make your smile less appealing.

Tip #4: Do Your Prep Work

If you want to be camera ready with your smile, it is going to take some prep work prior to the shot.

If your teeth have gained a yellow tint with age, try a whitening kit or get them whitened at your dentist. More serious cosmetic problems like cracked, chipped or missing teeth can be solved with the help of a cosmetic dentist.

And most importantly don’t forget about gum care. Gums may seem like an afterthought, but they are actually the most important part of your smile. Keep them in top shape with consistent brushing, flossing and rinse with an antibacterial wash. You can have the most stunning teeth, but if your gums are not healthy, it will show in your smile.

Tip #5: Practice Smiling

Getting that perfect smile won’t happen overnight. If you have a big shoot coming up or an event where you will be in a lot of pictures, try practicing your smile in a mirror. You can critique yourself and adjust accordingly. Eventually, you will get the perfect smile down to a science.

Want a great smile, but fighting with stained, cracked, or missing teeth? Get in touch with Houston’s top cosmetic dentist here at Uptown Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry.

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