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4 Odd Ways To Remember To Brush Your Dental Implants

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You know have your dental implants all settled in and ready to use just like healthy teeth. You’re probably (actually, we know you’re happy) with the results you are seeing. You’re probably feeling  like a million dollars, and ready to eat properly once again just like you used to. We do have one thing to remind you, however; it’s not over just yet. You have to remember to keep up with your new dental implant just like you would your regular teeth. We have compiled a list that might help you just do that. It’s just like remembering to make your bed every morning. If you have problems remembering to make your bed, well then you’ll have to find another list for that because we are going to focus 4 odd ways to remember to brush your teeth, as well as your dental implants.

1. Vocal Reminder

Do you remember the scene from the famous teen movie Twilight? ” Say it, out loud,” is one of the most notorious lines from this film. It’s kind of odd that we mentioned that movie, right? Well, the vampires in that same movie have very straight, perfect teeth. We want you to say out loud every day to either yourself in the mirror or to someone else, “Remind me later that I need to brush my teeth,”. It’s easier to remember something once it’s said out loud. Also, when you think of vampires or Twilight, we hope you remember the odd connection we made and didn’t forget to brush your teeth! (Give us a break, we are trying to be down with the kids these days. Besides, every little thing helps!)

2. Tooth Tools In Odd Places

You’re waking up, and you are doing your morning routine. Getting dressed, almost ready to hit the door when suddenly- bam. You slip on some toothpaste. Okay, maybe that’s a bad place to put your toothpaste, but you have to admit, it would be harder to forget to brush your teeth right? Put your toothpaste and toothbrush somewhere you know you’ll see them often so that way, you will never forget to clean them. We recommend changing the placement of tooth cleaning tools frequently so that way the odd place doesn’t just because the usual place. Keep it going in weird places.

3. Last Minute Alarms

I’m assuming you have the technology to set an alarm. Heck, I’d be kind of surprised if you’re able to read this article and was not able to set an alarm somehow. You already have an alarm to wake you up, and you might even have an alarm that will remind you to fall asleep at a specific time. Make a new warning, but this time, just make it all about brushing your teeth. We highly recommend to not combine two alarms together. Otherwise, you will still forget to brush your teeth. Remember, the strangest alarms will help remind you to get you in the habit of brushing your teeth.

4. Images

We have hoped that you’ve been to a dentist at least once in your lifetime or have at least the knowledge of how teeth work. If you don’t take care of them once, they’ll be gone forever. If you don’t take care of your dental implants, then you’re in for some more trouble and costs. Place images around your house of terrible dental hygiene to remind yourself how much you don’t want bad teeth. When your friends come over, just tell them it’s for your dental health, and you’re not crazy like everyone else says you are. Besides, it’s crazier to ignore your dental health than placing rotting teeth pictures around your house, in a frame, next to the picture of the family dog.

What do they win, Jack? The feeling of being a winner with a great smile! Ok, so brushing your teeth isn’t the most glamours thing you have to do with your life. However, brushing your teeth does help with most things in life, being in good health and having better confidence. You should never slack off and put off brushing your teeth and dental implants. The better care you take of them, the less of a chance you have to have any sort of problems in life later on.

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