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4 Beneficial Effects of Smiling

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No one needs to explain what a smile is. It’s a universal human expression that we’ve seen and used throughout our entire lives. Babies are said to even smile in the womb. Smiles are our responses to happiness, friendliness, humor, and a host of other positive feelings and situations. But there is more to smiling than meets the eye. Smiling is linked to endorphins. These are the feel-good chemicals that our body releases when experiencing certain activities like exercise, sex, and eating chocolate. Here are four interesting beneficial effects of smiling.

1. Smiling Increases Your Chances of Being Helped

A study by Guegen and de Gail published in 2003 found that strangers were more likely to offer help when given a smile beforehand. Experimenters in a supermarket smiled at shoppers and proceeded to “accidentally” drop some items on the ground. Those shoppers who had received a smile were more likely to help pick up the items. Good help is hard to find but not if you smile.

2. Smiling Can Make You Happier

Facial feedback hypothesis is the idea that your own facial expressions can influence the way that you feel. Frowning in an unhappy circumstance intensifies your feelings but smiling can make you feel a bit more cheerful. Even if the smile is forced the results are the same. When you are happy, you smile. When you smile, it makes you happy. This is feedback.

3. Smiling Can Make You More Creative

A positive mood can help you think outside-the-box. A study in 2013 by the University of California, San Francisco researched this occurrence in men. According to the study, those men who were happier were more likely to come up with innovative solutions to problems. When people are happy, their bodies release endorphins which aid in the thinking processes.

4. Smiling Makes Others Happy Too

Mirror neurons are a type of nerve cell that activate when we perform an action or when we see others perform that same action. When you smile at people, their mirror neurons for smiling activate and they begin to feel the feelings associated with smiling. This is why people sometimes cannot resist smiling back at you when you smile at them.

The link between smiling and the well-being of the self and others is remarkable. If you want to get your smile in top shape and experience these beneficial effects for yourself, contact Uptown Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry and inquire about our smile makeover.

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