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Save Your Teeth: Purge The Urge For Soda

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You know that moment; when you are waiting for your movie to start at the theater and that advertisement pops up with golden buttery popcorn and that fizzy, refreshing glass of soda. The thought or desire to buy a soda wasn’t even on your radar, but now you find yourself at the concession stand fulfilling that urge. What if we told you that urge is destroying your teeth even with good dental care? In the cosmetic dentistry industry, we correct many problems that are preventable.

When you consume soda the sugar melds with bacteria that resides in the mouth and creates a powerful acid. This acid aggressively deteriorates your teeth. Sugar isn’t the only problem,  as most sodas also contain some type of acid as well, so even sugar-free sodas do damage. Each sip of soda you take engages a chemical reaction that damages your teeth and lasts for about 20 minutes. There are two devastating effects of soda on your teeth.

Enamel Erosion

Your teeth have an outer protective layer called tooth enamel which is very hard in nature. Acids from soda eat away at this enamel making it soft and penetrable by bacteria which can lead to tooth decay. Granted, sports drinks and fruit juice also weaken tooth enamel but they stop there. Soda on the other hand also penetrates the next layer of defense; dentin and even composite fillings. Yes, the money you spend on quality cosmetic dentistry can be ruined with a cheap can of soda. This can lead to an even bigger problem.


Cavities develop over various lengths of time due to the erosion of the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth. In those with cosmetic dentistry apparatus, it can render things like composite fillings useless. In serious cases, bad oral hygiene can magnify this problem into something much more disastrous.

You Can Kick The Habit

Of course, if you want to have a healthy smile and not ruin teeth or the hard earned money you’ve spent on cosmetic dentistry, the answer is just quit drinking soda. The reality is that it’s hard to just quit it cold turkey, like most addictions. You can however gradually decrease your intake and replace it with healthy flavorful options.

Consume In Moderation: Limit yourself to one can of soda per day to start. Buy the smaller 8 oz cans to ensure you are getting less sugar and acid but still getting a taste.

Don’t Linger: The longer you take to finish a soda the more damage it will do to your mouth. Buying the small cans ensures you can drink it rapidly, reducing the duration of exposure to harmful acids.

Rinse Out The Bad: Rinsing your mouth after drinking a soda will help flush residual sugar and acid from your mouth and teeth. However, do not brush your teeth right away as the teeth are most vulnerable within 30 to 60 minutes after a soda.

Replace Soda With Healthy Alternatives: Try infusing water with your favorite fruits such as lemon and mint. These alternatives will not only help freshen breath but also give you a blast of flavor that will leave you refreshed without the sugar crash.

Has The Damage Been Done?

If you are a long time soda drinker and have noticed your smile has suffered beyond treatment because of it; contact one of our consultants today. We can determine the benefits of our cosmetic dentistry options we have tailored for your needs.

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