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Crowns Beyond Queen Elizabeth

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Crowns are kind of a big thing these days. Take that show on Netflix about the life of Queen Elizabeth. Boatloads of Americans love watching the travails of England’s royal family and life of the queen.

Dr. Velasco prefers a crown of a different sort, dental crowns. At Uptown Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston TX, we use dental crowns to strengthen and/or rebuild damaged teeth and to anchor bridges. They are a beautiful, long-lasting dental restoration.

What is a crown?

A dental crown is a prosthesis that covers the entire visible portion of a tooth, interestingly also called the “crown” of the tooth. A dental crown fits over the tooth, covering it all the way down to the gumline. At Uptown, we use zirconium for our crowns, as Dr. Velasco believes in the strength and aesthetics of zirconium.

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What does a crown do?

When a tooth is severely damaged, its strength is compromised, maybe it is cracked, maybe it has a large filling already in it, and new decay has formed, maybe there is so much decay that removing it won’t leave a great amount of the original tooth; when this happens and it is left untreated, the tooth is so weakened that it will eventually need to be extracted. But not if you put a crown on it, a crown returns the strength to the tooth, It enables the patient to use the tooth again, rather than having to replace it with an implant or a bridge.

Crowns are also used as the anchors for dental bridges. Two crowns are placed on the two teeth on each side of the missing tooth. They support the artificial tooth in the middle.

How is a crown placed?

Because we have our own lab on premises, we don’t have to wait for an off-site lab to fabricate crowns for our patients. The first step in the crown process is to address the problems with the tooth. Dr. Velasco removes any decay or damage. The tooth is then prepared for the crown. This involves removing a portion of the healthy tooth on all sides and on top. This makes room for the crown to fit over the tooth. Next, we use our digital technology to provide precise measurements of your existing tooth to use when designing and then milling your crown. We send this data over to our milling center and it takes a block of zirconium and creates your crown; once your crown is ready, usually it is a very fast procedure, it is tried on your tooth to make sure the fit and the color match perfectly, if you and Dr Velasco are both happy with the crown qualities, then he will glue it permanently, providing you with a very long lasting restoration.

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Now you know all about crowns beyond Prince Harry. Call us at (713) 903-2611 to schedule an appointment with us at Uptown Cosmetic Dentistry.

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