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Your smile is your signature. It tells the world who you are.

At Uptown Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, our doctors are specialists experienced in cosmetic and implant dentistry.  Our specialists are nationally recognized by their peers as leaders in creating beautiful smiles.

We pride ourselves on our ties to the community and our passion to provide the best elective treatment for your smile. At Uptown, we are focused on the needs of each patient. We customize a treatment plan specifically for you. We provide you the finest dental treatment with the most personalized and compassionate care.

Every detail of your appointment is carefully planned and orchestrated so that you experience a calm, non-threatening environment. Your visit includes a meeting with a financial counselor who will go over our doctor’s treatment plan and help make that smile you’ve always wanted affordable for you.

It’s a Unique Experience. The Uptown Experience.

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3D CAT Scans

Uptown 3D CT Scan technologyNo one would consider getting knee or hip replacement surgery without an MRI or a CT scan. Similarly, we use 3D digital CT Scan technology to treat every dental implant case. This technology is normally found in hospitals but very rarely in a dental office.

The 3D CT Scan process allows our doctors to better examine bone density and determine the correct treatment approach for each patient. The scan provides a detailed 3D image of the mouth and jaw that is much more detailed than traditional dental x-rays, and provides much better information for a higher standard of care.


Advantages of 3D CT Scans:

  • Locate the precise placement and depth of implants
  • Determine the proper type and size of the implants
  • Less radiation compared to a medical CT Scan
  • Determine all possible treatment approaches with risk factors for each individual patient
  • Examine cross sections of a patient’s bone structure to analyze the quality, volume, and density of the bone that will anchor the dental implant

Dr. Velasco is a great guy. Completely impeccable bedside manner. Made me feel comfortable from the minute I got to Uptown, and he just did a fantastic job. Better than I asked for.

When I looked into the mirror after my procedure, I suddenly had new-found confidence. I wasn’t afraid to smile and wasn’t embarrassed and uncomfortable. It felt good. And I look in the mirror all the time now.

Billy Hale

HI-TECH In-house Lab Services

Hi-Tech Houston In-house Dental Lab Services at UptownOne of the challenges today for dentists is that crowns, bridges, dentures, partials and other dental appliances have to be sent off to a dental laboratory.

Uptown Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry has a full service Hi-Tech Dental Lab onsite including lab technicians allowing our doctors to complete any case efficiently, including full-mouth reconstructions, teeth in a day with fixed implant bridges, or fixed implant dentures.

For Cosmetic Dentistry, this is extremely important. Dentists often have to struggle to ensure the correct shade of a veneer, porcelain crown or bridge. Hi-Tech Dental Lab has full availability with natural light to a custom shade room, allowing for you always to get the best dental restoration possible.

And now, Dr. Velasco has added Zirconia, an advanced treatment option, to Uptown’s high-tech lab capabilities.   Uptown Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry is one of the only dental implant centers in the Houston area with its own onsite zirconia lab.

Zirconia is a very dense material that looks exactly like natural teeth with the advantage that it is extremely strong and doesn’t stain. It’s a big advantage for patients knowing that they are going to have something that is secure in their mouths, that will not break and will look fantastic year after year.

At Uptown, the zirconia is all made in-house so we control every aspect of the fabrication starting from the base material to the end product. Here we can control the quality, and ensure a higher-grade outcome.

Smile Makeovers have never been so easy with direct access to our own lab technicians. My patients will never have to worry about walking out of our office without an aesthetically appealing Custom Smile.

Dr. Annette Gemp

Cosmetic and General Dentist

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